Darwyn Cooke sadly passed away last year, but he left behind a heck of a legacy. I’ve always thought his vision of the DC universe is one of the best we’ve ever seen. With cheeky smiles and simple costumes, Cooke illustrated a 50s inspired world of colour.

With the Designer Series figures, DC have brought three of Cooke’s interpretations to life, one of which being Supergirl.

Before we even start talking about the figure I have to highlight something vitally important: not only do you get Supergirl but she also comes packaged with both Krypto and Streaky, the two best super companions a girl could have. Like Supergirl, they’ve both got their own happy expression and signature red cape. For me, this is how you turn a “want” into a “must buy”.

As a trio, they look fantastic together.



Although I was expecting Krypto and Streaky to be entirely solid figures, each leg can be individually posed. Which means that yes, you can bend their legs to make it look like they’re flying. So yes, of course I gleefully did that.



All the capes are made of a soft plastic and are quite flexible, meaning they don’t get in the way when posing.



The articulation on the figure is a little limited, but pretty in line with DC’s recent figures from their main comic book line. You get just enough movement out of her legs to put her in a sitting position, which is always nice to see. There’s some simple movement at the elbows but the hands can only rotate around in their fixed position. Meanwhile, her head can tilt too, which does let you add a subtle change to her pose.



As usual with DC’s designer figures, they’re not created to be toys, which means Supergirl here may be a little too rigid for any kids wanting to actually play with her. When it comes to posing her for display though, she’s got just enough to let you customise how she stands, or sits (or flies).



Ultimately I’m really happy with this figure. The face sculpt in particular fantastically mimics Cooke’s warm and cheery Supergirl, while the softly billowing skirt and bold colours ensure she’ll stand out on any shelf.


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