It’s Christmas Eve but I’m sat in a rented house, 300 miles away from my hometown, laid in my pyjamas with nowhere to go. I won’t be seeing any family for Christmas because coming out as transgender made things rather complicated, to put it lightly. Unfortunately, I know I’m not alone in this situation. Many queer people of all ages are stuck with awkward, unhealthy and disastrous relationships with their family, meaning they’ll also be spending the holidays alone.

So with that in mind, here’s my list of activities we can get up to, instead of hanging out with racist distant relatives, or pulling cheap crackers with people who think we’re degenerates.


Reject “Appropriate” Clothing

Forget uncomfortable sweaters and that outfit your grandmother bought you, you can celebrate Christmas in whatever the hell you like. Want to spend the day in your pyjamas? Go for it. Maybe you want to just wander around your house in your underwear? Well, I don’t see why not! The day is yours my friend, adorn yourself with anything you desire.


Play Video Games All Day

As a child did your parents force you to stop playing video games and come socialise with your family? Well they can’t do that anymore! Now nothing is stopping you from marathoning your favourite video game all day long. Overwatch will be full of unsuspecting new players, stepping into the game for the first time, ready for you to mow down. Meanwhile, isn’t it about time you played through Skyrim again?


Watch Whatever You Desire

Rather than watch the yearly re-run of Shrek, or negotiate with grumpy relatives to find something you at least all find tolerable, put whatever you like on TV! Don’t like Christmas movies? No problem! Throw on your favourite film, regardless. So what if Star Wars or Terminator 2 isn’t considered festive? It’s your TV and no one is around to complain. You could even binge watch your favourite TV show all day long, with nobody to tell you it’s their turn to hog the remote.


Talk to People Who Actually Like You

In earlier years you might have had to nod politely at boring stories, or pretend the views of your grandparents are insightful and not shockingly intolerant, but not anymore! Thanks to the internet, within reach is a world of fellow queer friends also feeling abandoned and rejected by those who raised them, people who actually like you for you. If you’re feeling lonely, then reach out to them this Christmas. Alternatively, make some new friends through social media. Many of us, such as myself, will be sat on Twitter over Christmas, combating loneliness with sarcastic jokes.


Realise That You Are Valid And Loved

Whether you’re enduring problematic parents, or spending the holiday period alone, know that you are valid and loved. What your family think of you has no bearing on your worth as a person. Instead, be proud that you are who you are and know that you’re doing the right thing, especially at times like these when it may not feel like it. Maybe you’re even having to hide who you are this year, because you know your family will reject you if you open up to them. If you’re in that situation, know that you have every right to do what you need to do to get through this time of year, you’re still you, you’re still part of our community, you’re not doing anything wrong. Many of us have been there. Ultimately, you are not alone.

Happy holidays all.


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