Hey! So I just launched a new website! OhMiaGod.WordPress.com will not be updated anymore, as this fancy new site is the replacement for my old blog. Why replace it? A few reasons really.

Short explanation:

Fresh start! Self-hosted (more control)! All content in one place! Matches the new Patreon (more on that below)!

Longer explanation:

The most obvious reason is that previously this blog was hosted on WordPress. As someone who’s had a separate self-hosted blog for almost 5 years, the lack of control was something I kept bumping up against. Do you know how annoying it is not even be able to add your own theme? Very annoying!

Meanwhile, my self-hosted pop culture blog always felt like the wrong place to write personal pieces, so I kept the two sides of my writing separate.

Over time I shifted to focus more on general writing and pieces drawn from my experiences as a trans woman, posting on a few different sites and sometimes to my little personal blog, which ended up seeing a lot more attention than I ever expected it to. I also started to write what were essentially mini-blogs on Twitter, which felt too focused to belong on my personal blog where I generally just chatted about life.

Lately, I’ve had the desire for a more fleshed out, dedicated all-around blog for all of my writing, (Twitter rants included) thus this place, MiaViolet.com. I figure if the idea behind this blog is simply my opinions and thoughts on a range of topics, including continuing to blog about my life, then the most obvious name to use is simply my own name.

So here we are. Any miscellaneous writing that doesn’t go elsewhere will end up here. I’ve also had a couple of people before ask if I would convert some of my older Twitter rants into more shareable, digestible blog posts, so this is going to be the home for those too. For now, thanks for checking out this post! If you have a look around, by the time you read this there should already be another blog post up and more on the way.



So I also made Patreon! Helpfully the address is just Patreon.com/MiaViolet. Do I have high expectations for it? Nope! But I did figure it was worth a go. A couple of people have suggested in the past that I should make one, especially as I’m always struggling with money, and since I’m launching this new site, it just felt like the right time to give it a go.

As for what will be on there, basically the same content you’ve come to know me for, but more. I’ll adapt the rewards and updates based on what people actually want, but the plan for now is that all trans related content will be prioritised and free. My main interest is writing trans related pieces that inform or help people, or explain to cis people how they can help us. I don’t want to gate any of that content or have it as a funding goal, that’s the priority and the focus of the site.

Instead, funding goals are going to for creating new pop culture related content, more like my old Panels And Pixels output, so reviews and opinion pieces on geeky media from a queer perspective.

Anyone who has followed me on Twitter anytime in the last year will know that my money situation has always been a bit shaky, so an extra few pennies here and there will really help makes things a bit more secure, as well as being an incentive to keep pumping out content.

And that’s it for this update! I hope you’ll come back and check the site out as things develop. I really want to grow this site into a little den of useful articles, personal blogs and just fun general pieces that I hope you get a kick out of.


P.S. For old WordPress.com followers: If I’ve done things correctly, old followers of the blog from WordPress.com should have had their Reader subscription migrated to this new site. However it will not have updated e-mail settings, so if you want to keep following the blog via e-mail, you’ll have to update that manually, sorry!

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