On Turning 28

I’m reluctantly now wearing my “late-twenties” tag, as my “twenty-something” label has started to feel a little worn out. The most sobering thought is that in just over 100 weeks I’ll turn 30.

How To Take Selfies That Suck Less

Lately people have asked me “How do I take good selfies?” Well, a year ago that was something I was wondering too. After countless failed selfies and months of photographic experimentation, I have discovered how to take selfies that suck less.

HRT: Year One

I know one year retrospectives of HRT can be useful to people just starting out. So, here’s some thoughts about slapping patches on my butt for 12 months.

My February Self-Care List

One thing I’m going to try, starting right now, is a monthly post about what I’m looking forward to that month. At the very least it’ll serve as a little list of things to do when I need to escape and cheer myself up.

Hope and Hormones

To a lot of people, HRT is the ultimate goal. It’s talked about in the transgender community with almost legendary status. It’s a solution, it’s a goal and it’s the answer. But in reality, it’s complicated.

“Cisgender” is Not a Bad Word

I’ve encountered a few people recently, none of who identify as trans, that have openly criticised or questioned the belief that they should consider themselves cisgender…



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